News and Events


  • Taylor joined the lab


  • Haley and Param joined the lab


  • Shridhar Sanghvi started his Ph.D. in the laboratory
  • Harpreet Singh elected as a Fellow of American Heart Association
  • Devasena Ponnalagu won the New Investigator Travel Award by AHA
  • Lab is now located at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical School


  • Congratulations to Alex, Priyanka, Kajol Michelle, Girija, and Harmehak for their publication


  • Congratulations to Nishi, Justin, Neel, Devasena, Sumanta for their publication
  • Our clinical research team obtained highly competitive cardiology fellowships
    • Swaiman Singh at Beth Israel
    • Neel Patel at Drexel Medicine
    • Justin Johannesen at Rutgers RWJ Medical School


  • Nishi Patel started his cardiology fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine.

  • Idean Amirjazil started his Cardiology fellowship at the Drexel University College of Medicine.

  • Devasena Ponnalagu won the competitive American Heart Association Postdoctoral fellowship for two years.

  • Anh Tran started her Ph.D. rotation in the laboratory.

  • Nishi, Justin and Harpreet presented at the BCVS on BK channels.

  • Swaiman Singh won the second prize for his oral presentation on BK channels in the Residents Research Day.


  • Harpreet Singh elected as a chair of Gordon Research Conference focused on Organellar Channels and Transporters for 2021 and vice chair for 2019.

  • Devasena Ponnalagu presented a seminar on CLICs in the Gordon research Conference at Mount Snow VT.

  • Aruba Zafar joined the laboratory as a volunteer.


  • Sridhar Sanghvi joined the lab for his rotation for the MCBG graduate program


  • Swaiman Singh M.D. joined the lab for research training


  • Harpreet Singh received the Early Investigator Award  by the Drexel University College of Medicine


  • Nishi Patel M.D. left the lab to start Cardiology Fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine. Best Wishes.
    Sridhar Sanghvi passed his preliminary exam


  • Harpreet Singh promoted as an Associate Professor


  • Yufan Shi from the China Pharmaceutical University joined the lab for her short term training.
  • Kajol Shah obtained the Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship to work in laboratory over the summer.
  • Devasena gave a platform presentation at the Biophysical Society Annual meeting.
  • Devasena co-chaired the session in the Biophysical Society Annual meeting at New Orleans.


  • Happy New Year


  • Yixiao Mei started a Ph.D. rotation in the laboratory.


  • Devasena invited to co-chair a session in the 61st Biophysical Soceity annual meeting at New Orleans
  • Devasenas abstract was selected for an oral presentation at the 61st Biophysical  Soceity annual meeting at New Orleans
  • Rushi Thanawala gave an oral presentation and in the WCUR Doha, Qatar and won the first prize
  • W W Smith Charitable Trust Grant funded!
  • Our lab participated in the 2016 AHA heart walk at Philadelphia as a Singh lab team


  • Aurore Ravoninjohary  is rotating in the laboratory as a PhD student
  • Dr. Devasena Ponnalagu won the first prize and Aaron Wengrosky won the second prize     on the Drexel Discovery day
  • Dr. Devasena Ponnalagu published a book chapter titled-Anion Channels of Mitochondria


  • Elizabeth Martin started as a research assistant. Alexander Lam and Priyanka Karekar completed their Co-op training.
  • Dr. Devasena Ponnalagu obtained the society for the general physiologists travel award for her presentation.


  • Dr. Shubha Gururaja Rao published a book chapter on Mitochondria and cancer.
  • Ahmed Hussain (MMS student), Harmehak Kaur (High school student), Robert Bloom (Summer student), Aaron Wengrofsky (M.D student), Sheryl Mathews (M.D.


  • Kajol Shah and Girija Hariharan started their M.D. degrees at the Drexel Medicine and Robert Wood Johnson NJ.
  • Lab work was presented in the GRC (Ion Channels) at the Mount Holyoke, MA and the AHA BCVS at Phoenix, AZ


  • Our group obtained NIH RO1 grant for the next five years
  • Our group obtained the AHA Grant-in-Aid with 0.01 percentile for the next two years
  • Harmehak Kaur (High school student), Robert Bloom (Summer student), Aaron Wengrofsky (M.D student), Sheryl Mathews (M.D. student), John Curran (SURF student from Georgetown Washington) started their training in the lab.
  • Dr. Shubha Gururaja Rao got her paper on the plasma accepted in the PLoS One
  • Dr. Nishi Patel published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Ultrasound


  • Our lab at the Departmental retreat


  • Data in Brief published for the Mitochondrion manuscript


  • Dr. Shubha Gururaja Rao obtained the CURE grant for one year
  • Alexander Lam and Priyanka Karekar started their Co-op training.


  • The lab presented four posters at the Biophysical Society meeting.


  • Two manuscripts published from the laboratory in Neuroscience and Mitochondrion.

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